Death of a Radical

by Rebecca Jenkins

The second book in the FR Jarrett Mystery series.

In two minds about his suitability for civilian life, the Duke’s new agent, Raif Jarrett, wrestles with family problems, industrial unrest, and murder while trying to keep the secrets of his past from resurfacing.

Bored with the mundane commitments of his new role as the Duke of Penrith's agent in the town of Woolbridge in Durham, returning soldier Raif Jarrett is having second thoughts about civilian life. As the Easter fairs come to town - markets where everything from ribbons to cattle is traded - the town readies itself for upheaval. The local mills are bringing in machinery, which will increase production, but jobs will be lost.

As a group of radicals protest the plight of the workers and one of the judges brings in the military as a precaution, it seems the town of Woolbridge is headed for trouble. Raif's young cousin comes to stay and gets involved. Soon enough a salesman lies dead in his bed and a radical is brutally murdered out on the hillside. Raif Jarrett is forced to act to keep his family safe and his town intact.