Miss Henrietta Lonsdale

Henrietta Lonsdale is a gentleman’s daughter of independent mind but limited independent means.

Henrietta, the daughter of an impoverished gentleman, lives at Whitebriars with her widowed aunt.   An intelligent and capable young woman in her mid-twenties, she runs her invalid aunt’s estate.  Her status in the Woolbridge community rests on the assumption that she is heir to her childless Aunt Lonsdale.  Henrietta lacks for nothing material (for one thing, she likes elegant clothes, as does her aunt, who indulges her) but she is well aware that the safety and comfort of her life depends on keeping within the unforgiving rules of Society.

Jarrett’s arrival faces Henrietta with the fact that she is bored.   If she were to act on her attraction to the Duke’s mysterious new agent, she risks losing her safe place in society - a price that Miss Lonsdale might find too high to pay.