Quentin Raistrick, JP

Quentin Raistrick is a self-made man who has worked his way up from obscure origins to become an attorney at law.

Quentin Raistrick is one of the three magistrates holding power over the district. Colonel Ison (who lives at North Park) is the gentry’s magistrate and he is supported by the affable vicar, the Reverend Prattman, the second magistrate. By the conventions of society, Raistrick is supposed to be their social inferior but no one dares confront him directly.  His shadowy influence stretches far and wide, drawing power from his control of labour in the mines of the surrounding Dales.

Restless, intelligent and easily bored, Raistrick relishes the challenge the Duke’s new agent offers to his quest for dominance and wealth.   Jarrett’s abilities intrigue the amoral Raistrick.   In return, Jarrett both appreciates Raistrick’s flair and, to a degree, envies him his freedom from self-doubt.