Jarrett's Landscape

  • Whitebriars 130 70
  • Oakdene Hall 50 260
  • North Park 45 450
  • Woolbridge 210 400
  • The Old Manor 318 610
  • Whitebriars

    Whitebriars is the home of Henrietta Lonsdale. She lives there with her aunt, Mrs Lonsdale, the widow of a prosperous merchant. Mrs Lonsdale likes to think herself an invalid. The couple were childless, so she depends on Henrietta to deal with her affairs and represent her to the tenants on the land she owns.

  • Oakdene Hall

    Dating back to Jacobean times, Oakdene Hall, is one noble house in the neighbourhood that has been inhabited by the same family throughout its existence. It is home to Sir Thomas and his cousin, Lady Catherine. Their nearest neighbours are Henrietta Lonsdale and her aunt, Mrs Lonsdale, at Whitebriars.
  • North Park

    North Park is the recently built home of Colonel Ison who is the local Member of Parliament, Colonel of the Militia and chief magistrate. He is often away on business in London and therefore leaves much of the every day running of law in Woolbridge to Justice Quentin Raistrick, whom he underestimates. The one person Colonel Ison admits to being afraid of is Lady Catherine who has known him since a boy.
  • Woolbridge

    On the surface Woolbridge may appear an isolated backwater but the Carlisle coaching road brings travelers - from gentleman botanists and sentimental tourists to sailors and soldiers returning from distant conflicts. And industrial change is making its way even here. The wild upper dale is studded with profitable lead mines, producing ore that is moved down from the tops on early railway tracks. And in the town, where the mills churn out cloth for army uniforms, the masters are bringing in machines to keep up with demand.
  • The Old Manor

    Raif Jarrett would prefer to camp out at the folly by the bridge, but his status as agent demands that he live at the Duke’s property, the Old Manor. His domestic staff, is governed by, Mr Tiplady— Jarrett’s valet who thinks his master should be living a fashionable life in London. Lord Charles, Marquess of Earewith, the Duke’s son, is a frequent house-guest at the Old Manor. Being of a convivial nature himself, he assumes that Jarrett will always be pleased to see him.